The "Loo" Gallery - How it works

  • • All Art Displayed in this bathroom is created by local artists
  • • If you are interested in a piece and want to buy it, feel free to remove it from the wall and let the barista know you want to purchase it.
  • • All proceeds go directly to the artist!
  • • In order to pay for it, please Venmo the artist, so then we don't have to deduct any cc fee's from the artist's price.
  • • Please show the barista of the Venmo transaction once its completed!
  • • Then take your art home and enjoy!

If you need help removing a frame from the bathroom, please let us know and we will assist!

Loo Gallery - "How To"

Customer wants to buy from the look gallery:

  1. 1. They need to venmo the artist and then show you the finished transaction.
  2. 2. If they don't have venmo - they can pay with cash. And you would just take the cash, put a note on it with the artists name, and then put a rubber band around it and place it in the safe.

Customer brings in art for the loo gallery:

  1. 1. Needs to be able to hang on the wall, so the customer needs to provide the hanging hardware. We will provide the screw that it hangs on and the wall space.
  2. 2. Needs to have a business card on it or paper that says the following:
    a. Name,
    b. Instagram ( if applicable)
    c. Phone number/email
    d. Venmo
  3. 3. This card needs to be visable to the customer to they don't have to remove the art from the wall to see it.
  4. 4. If they don't have a card with them - then give them a note card for them to fill out with that info.
  5. 5. Then if you can find a space to hang it, hang it- but if not, leave it behind the counter for me (patricia) to hang up later.


If someone comes in asking about selling their stuff in our store - not the loo gallery

  1. 1. My only criteria is that it is sustainable & Eco friendly. And all packaging has to be zero waste - no plastic. But you can tell them that Patricia will take a look at the products and reach out if she has any questions.
  2. 2. You can let them know that I take 20% and they keep the rest.
  3. 3. They are paid out monthly & I send them an excel file with each sale broken down.
  4. 4. Please have them email me with the following information:
    a. Name
    b. Company name (if they have one)
    c. Venmo or Zelle info
    d. Their mission
    e. Instagram
    f. Product info - how it's made & where its sourced from
    g. A few photos of their products for us to put on our Instagram/website
  5. 5. Then they can either leave the products with us to look over - or just bring them back once they have spoken with me.

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